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The Skeptic’s Guide to Wellness

Outspoken, often hilarious video star Jaclyn Glenn (@JaclynGlenn) is a born skeptic. That’s why she’s going deep inside the world of alternative wellness and testing the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics. The full series of 5 episodes can be viewed on Fullscreen, use the 5 Day free trial to view all the episodes and other great shows.

Episode 5: Going Under With Hypnosis—An Example of Story Centered Hypnotherapy

In episode 5, Jaclyn experiences two types of different therapeutic models and personalities, both delivering forms of hypnotherapy. Michael Glock (@DrMichaelGlock), introduces Ms. Cook (@RochelleLCook), who delivers a session based on her story centered approach combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy.  

Rochelle L. Cook Testimonial


She didn’t try to fool me, she just wanted to help me! It was really cool. Looking back, the one thing I am most likely to do again is GO SEE ROCHELLE!


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