Unprepared Tunnel Visionary

You’ve always been in the loop but lately you’ve lost your perspective!

Now it’s hard to see what’s happening and in front of you. Even little set backs can bring you to a screeching halt. Why aren’t the limitless possibilities that you once had available now?


Step back and open your mind wide, climb to a high peak and look over your world.


Look at old things in new ways.

  1. Pick an ordinary object and spend several minutes brainstorming and writing down your findings.
  2. Play roving reporter. Adopt another point of view. Find a friend significant other or co-worker with an interest that you don’t really understand. Then interview them to find out what they love about it, ask them how it makes them feel or act. 

What would they say?

How would you respond to your situation if you were

  • A 10 year old
  • A World War II naval officer
  • A 1960’s flower power hippie?
  • A great grandmother or father.

Do you want to STOP being a TUNNEL VISIONARY and see things from a new perspective?

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