Ms. Cook to be interviewed on “Challenge Your Thinking” by Dr. Linda Tucker

Ms Cook is scheduled to be interviewed in March of 2016 joining recent luminaries such as Aaron Walker, Dr. Michael Hass, John Bradshaw, and Dr. Gay Hendricks plus many more. The interview is base don her upcoming soon to be released book “7 Paths to healing Your Relationships!” About Dr. Linda Tucker Dr. Joseph Bobrow …

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Probing Question: Does hypnosis work?

Most of us recognize these words as the Hollywood script of a hypnosis session. Typically portrayed as the tool of comics and hucksters (“At my command, you will crow like a rooster…”) or nefarious, mind-controlling villains, hypnosis has a serious type-casting problem to overcome. Great article by Melissa Beattle-Moss via PENN STATE NEWS

The Power of Hypnosis

Studies show that hypnosis can treat everything from chronic pain to poor study habits. Chances are, it can work for you. Nancy Jordan sat down in my office and lit a cigarette–a deadly habit, given her severe asthma and tobacco allergies. Jonathan Hunter, M.D.–my supervisor, her psychotherapist–was also in the room. He wanted to attend …

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Eating Disorders

Similar to addictions, eating disorders are disorders of a right relationship with ourselves or the world around us. A disorder exists with our private internal world. These behaviors are symbolic manifestations of our often frustrated willingness to nurture ourselves. Not being able or willing to fully participate in our lives can create pressure and stress …

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