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Stop Smoking!

"Rochelle is an amazing, insightful, powerful person who worked with me to quit smoking---something I thought was impossible. She made it easy in a way, even though my process was difficult, she was there every step of the way guiding me toward health. My dream, when I first came to her, was to be smoke-free, and after several sessions that is what I am. I am so grateful to her and her unbelievable talent---the way she lovingly led me toward my goal. She is simply the best."

Amy S

"I am giving 5 stars as I went to stop smoking and it worked!!
I went to see Rochelle at the beginning of December and i have not had one cigarette since. I had been smoking since I was 17. I have been trying to give up for years, but I always went back to smoking, whenever I was stressed, had a craving or just because... I really wanted to just stop althoghter so i thought I would try Hypnosis.
Rochelle was completely approachable and easy to talk too. The atmosphere and the experience was just so positive.
I would definitely recommend it."


"I smoked my entire life. My biggest fear was that if I stopped smoking I would gain weight. I went and saw Rochelle. I am no longer a smoker and I have not gained any weight. My family especially children are so happy that I have finely kicked a long life time habit. Rochelle, not only do I thank you but so do my children. You have made something possible I never even dreamed could come true. THANK YOU!Use Hypnosis. We program your mind to dislike cigarette's and stop the cravings with no weight gain!"

Cybthia S.


Why is it difficult to stop smoking?

The subconscious is filled with reasons why you should do the opposite, SMOKE!
Your subconscious believes that smoking makes you feel better. If you really think about it, with every deep breath you take, “of smoke,” you become relaxed, breathe in and out, slowly and calmly, feel your shoulders drop. At this point, your subconscious believes that your cigarette is your friend.
As we all know the problem is, when you smoke you are breathing in thick heavy smoke that is filled with chemicals. This is certainly not honoring the physical body is it?

Through hypnosis you can quit smoking for the very last time.

Working with the subconscious allows healthy new habits and beliefs to override the misunderstandings that are hindering a healthy way of living. It is very important to replace the fictitious beliefs that smoking allows you to feel calm.
I understand that this theory may sound crazy, but I can assure you that the mind is much more powerful than the cigarette you are holding in your hand. If you truly want to stop smoking and let go all of the associations including feelings of guilt, fear, attachments and the “false meditative state,” hypnosis will work. The subconscious must be reprogrammed so that the false sense of joy and habit are replaced with something that is much more honoring to the physical body.

Smoking is a habit. Your mind is a computer and you are running the smoking software. The mind runs healthy and deadly software.

It is your choice. Our program reveals the instigating triggers that caused the smoking and then reframes and restructures the initial impetus. The program gently and powerfully restructures the mind by using the imagination to descend into a deep state of relaxation where we instill alternative positive suggestions.

  1. Smoking for many is a mood changer. Shopping, sex, alcohol are methods to change moods.
  2. Smoking unlike shopping is a deadly choice. Would you inhale asbestos every day just to change your mood or calm your anxiety?
  3. Our program breaks the slave mentality that you hold regarding smoking. We program your mind to dislike cigarets and stop the cravings.

Together, we are going to erase the old program and install a new ones. Restructuring and reframing the old reasons and justifications along the way.

After our session it is important to use both the Deep Relaxation MP3 and the Stop Smoking MP3 for 21 days. These MP3’s will reinforce the insight gained in the session and provide support to never smoke again.
The point is, your smoking is a program run amok in your subconscious mind. Through our blend of depth psychology and hypnosis we are able to reveal old and unhealthy patterns, and replace them with new positive ones. This is why it is important to listen to the supporting MP3’s fro 21 days after your session. Whether you believe it’s helping or not!

  1. Smoking how many?
  2. Add up how much you smoke every day. E.G. 10 per day say for 5 minutes each that is 50 minutes. Subtract from 24 hours, thus in one day you actually do not smoke for 23 hours and 10 minutes.
  3. Essentially we work as a landscape gardener of the mind.
  4. Think of yourself as a healthy, conscious rational and logical human being with all your faculties intact.
  5. Therefore you are a healthy and conscious human being who knows longer smokes.
  6. The process works by re landscaping the old habits in your mind. Create new inputs and you automatically create new outputs.
  7. We program your mind to dislike cigarets and stop the cravings.

Part of the reprogramming is to say “I am a healthy and conscious non-smoker.” WHEN I SMOKE I TASTE THE WORST THING THAT I CAN THINK OF THEREFOR, I DON’T WANT TO SMOKE!
Repeat repeat and repeat. With imagination and repetition you create new and positive statements that will over time replace the old habits and stories.
Imagine yourself in your minds eye as a healthy and conscious human being who once smoked and now longer does!
Imagine yourself tomorrow, a future you that no longer smokes. You no longer feel the cravings and or urges. A miracle has happened. This is what is available to you today and now!
Just follow our instructions exactly and end your addiction!


Not sure if hypnotherapy or my method will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story.

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