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The Skeptic's Guide to Wellness with Jaclyn Glenn. 5 - Going Under With Hypnosis 12m TV-PG CC To see where campy stage hypnosis ends and wellness begins, Jaclyn meets two hypnotherapists to learn more about this ancient but still debated practice.

Jaclyn Glenn Experiences Hypnotherapy

On The Skeptic’s Guide to Wellness Jaclyn Glenn visits with Rochelle L. Cook for a Hypnotherapy Session Outspoken, often hilarious video star Jaclyn Glenn (@JaclynGlenn) is a born skeptic. That’s why she’s going deep inside the world of alternative wellness and testing the effectiveness of everything from witchcraft and crystals to hypnosis and psychedelics.  Episode …

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What does Red Bull and Google have in common with Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.

What Does Red Bull & Google Have in Common With Rochelle L. Cook—The Soul’s Coach

LOS ANGELES, CA – 14 Jul, 2017 – Ms. Cook is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a celebrity clientele in Silicon Beach California. In June of 2017 she was accepted as provider of elite services to the executives of both Red Bull & Google USA. Ms. Cook delivers elite proven performance-enhancing clinical hypnotherapeutic coaching over multiple …

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Definitely not crazy ?? Snapchat/ IG: @JaclynGlenn

Filming with @JaclynGlenn

TAKE THE HYPNOTHERAPY TEST NOW >>><p>Jaclyn Glenn (<a dir=”ltr” draggable=”false” href=”” rel=”nofollow” data-mentioned-user-id=”0″><s>@</s><b>JaclynGlenn</b></a>)  is working on a new show, we (Rochelle  <a draggable=”false” href=””>@RochelleLCook</a> &amp; Michael <a draggable=”false” href=””>@DrMichaelGlock</a>), spent the day filming with her. Here she is getting ready for the shoot in our office in Silicon Beach. We talked a lot about coaching, …

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Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT. The Soul's Coach

Meet Ms. Cook of The Thriving Mind

We’d like to introduce you to Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.

VoyageLA As seen in VoyageLA

Rochelle L. Cook is a clinical hypnotherapist and consultant in spiritual psychology with a fresh and innovative approach to healing.

Ms Cook utilizes effective spiritual and traditional techniques of Hypnosis and Gestalt methods to ignite “Rapid Healing.”

What she helps to create with you is “a Thriving Mind” ready to tackle all of life’s challenges.

Her background and life experiences allow her to connect to a diverse population of all ages. Her philosophy is that all people are worthy and lovable; they just haven’t fully embraced that yet. Rochelle’s passion is helping people get to the good and find the relationship and love inside they deserve.

The therapy office is in Silicon Beach, aka, Marina del Rey California. If you schedule a session you’ll see these paintings, crystals and books in the office. Come and resolve whatever is vexing you.



Ms. Cook to be interviewed on “Challenge Your Thinking” by Dr. Linda Tucker

Ms Cook is scheduled to be interviewed in March of 2016 joining recent luminaries such as Aaron Walker, Dr. Michael Hass, John Bradshaw, and Dr. Gay Hendricks plus many more. The interview is base don her upcoming soon to be released book “7 Paths to healing Your Relationships!” About Dr. Linda Tucker Dr. Joseph Bobrow …

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