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A peek into the neurobiology of Clinical Hypnotherapy…

Meditation, and the importance of empathy. I have become fascinated with the myriad clinical hypnotherapeutic and spiritual applications of deep states of suggestibility and mindfulness meditation, and I’m especially interested in the underpinning neuroscience. An article in Psychology Today does, I think, a great mainstream  job of speaking to the many clinically validated benefits of …

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Supa Bunnee's Hypnotherapy for Children 1

Supa Bunnee’s Hypnotherapy for Children

Supa Bunnee® is a delightful character which Rochelle L. Cook uses in clinical hypnotherapy sessions with children. Hypnotherapy for children is an easy and effective solution to managing childhood developmental issues. Clients visit our clinic to deal with issues such as learning to eat in a more healthy way, controlling bed wetting, how to manage …

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ehealth radio network

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Rochelle L. Cook discuss the following: Can you help people get off sugar and carbs? Can you help someone that binges? What is hypno-band? Can you make someone crave fruit and vegetables and they become the primary way of eating? Does this last?