Dr. Michael Glock

Dr. Michael Glock
Dr. Michael Glock

How can we know the future and thrive? Master Tomorrow Maker. Michael Glock knows that producing actionable and viable futures is vital for leaders and businesses. From the earliest days of Western Civilization, trance like states, incubation, shamanic rituals and a magical use of language have been tools used by oracles and futurists. With a combination of Philosophy, Depth Psychology and experimental hypnotherapy he invents futures that become reality.

He knows that the world hangs by a thin thread, with global conflicts, man made ecological changes and industrial age metaphors that must be changed and altered if we are to live in a sustainable manner and thrive.
These are challenging times for leaders, organizations and businesses in all sectors. It is rough out there: just as an increasing interconnected global economy requires post-modern perspectives in order to mitigate competing pressures from near-term priorities and shortened strategic horizons.

Issuing a challenge to stimulate insight and imagination Dr Glock delivers in minds-eye sessions winning strategies that deliver personal, organizational and business foresight. New and alternative futures are invented and played out in the present, tools are developed which then become touchstones that are brought to bear in the future. Futures are thus planned for and rehearsed prior to the actual events.

Clarifying and identifying personal, cultural and numinous patterns and future potentials is Dr Glock’s specialty; strategizing future opportunities, by removing historic obstacles is his fundamental gift; and connecting it all to present reality with right-now opportunities is what he delivers.

Dr Glock incubates his clients and audiences on guided dreams while in a deep state of suggestibility, traveling into the past and the future while noting stumbling blocks, opportunities and challenges along the way. His focus is on unpacking the right competencies and then exploring these assets in just the right way and in time while in a deep state of malleability. Dr Glock’s method has the power and ability to change individuals and in turn the world.

“Dr. Michael Glock is one of those unique individuals that is on the forefront of their fields. He is a creative problem-solver and the generator of new markets and solutions. He has an uncanny ability to intuitively see how to solve problems one wasn’t even aware of having”!

– Peter Felsmann – Productivity Expert Assisting Multinational Companies in Exceeding Goals with Balance

Dr Glock is a Change Agent in the freshest sense of the word. His visionary approach connects personal and cultural psychopathology with the fundamental structures behind shadow and symptom as harbingers of tomorrow. Dr Glock is a tomorrow maker and brings awareness and meaning to personal and business contexts in ways both straightforward and actionable. Even as he brings his clients forward, he continues to explore the foundations of Western Philosophy – exploring, relating, and unpacking the forgotten relationships between Pythagoras of Samos, Plato and Aristotle, indigenous shaman and the Priests and Priestesses of Delphi.

Dr. Michael Glock is an extraordinary creative force and guiding intelligence in demanding, innovative business situations. In my work with him I am continually impressed at his ability to look at a business challenge from many perspectives — ranging from business to his expertise in depth psychology. Invariably, his understanding of human actions and motivations brings rapid insights he translates into strategic insight and tactical initiatives to move the project forward. He is a true innovator, in every sense of that term.

– Michael Utvich – Managing Partner at Genius Stone Partners

Customized for each individual or organization, Dr Glock’s exceptional intuition and uncanny insight produces programs that find fertile answers to the 10,000 questions, “Who are you?” “Where’s the frontier?” and “What skills do I need to develop?” “Where is the business heading?” “What do we need tomorrow?”

Whether working on future scenarios, or illuminating past traumas or engaged in leadership development, or constructing a brand mythology, Michael is able to penetrate into the murky shadows and foundational structures in order to illuminate the most viable tomorrow options. He is provocative and engaging, delivering programs that produce options and ideas that never existed. He is an alchemist with access to the 10,000 things.

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