Deflated Doer

You are happiest when you’re being productive!

You love to make lists and check them off as done. But, lately the daily grind has ground you down, down down. You’ve lost your sense of purpose. You’ve been planning on finding more meaning in your life, as soon as you’ve gotten to the bottom of your to do list!


Let go of your routine and find some new inspiration.


Answer these questions, make it up!

  1. Every day I get up and think…
  2. I really wish I could…
  3. I’m going to stop doing ___________________ then I would have time to do _______________…
  4. Doing this ____________________ makes me always feel better, so I have decided to do this __________ and some of this ___________ over and over again….
  5. I don’t know why I keep working on _________________________ because the world wouldn’t stop.

Make a don’t do list!

Let something go once a day or once a week or month. Pencil yourself into your to do list as if you would schedule a doctor or dentists appointment. Block out some time for yourself to presume your grander goals. Learn to steal little moments to ponder the bigger issues in your life. Change your routine, get up and go for a walk on the beach or a forest path. Listen to music or listen to a mediation that transforms your thinking.

Do you want to STOP being a DEFLATED DOER?

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