use-your-mindMeditation, and the importance of empathy.

I have become fascinated with the myriad clinical hypnotherapeutic and spiritual applications of deep states of suggestibility and mindfulness meditation, and I’m especially interested in the underpinning neuroscience. An article in Psychology Today does, I think, a great mainstream  job of speaking to the many clinically validated benefits of mindfulness meditation, not the least of which is the development of empathy (associated, with the anterior cingulate cortex, areas of the PreFrontal Cortex).
Dr Michael Glock
I realized today that in all my posts regarding the brain and how to sculpt it with mindfulness, I’ve never actually explained how and why meditation works. Specifically, the science behind how your brain changes the longer you meditate. I think this is important for many reasons, but one of the most salient is that this information serves as a great motivator to keep up a daily practice (or start one). More…