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End Fear, Anxiety & Depression with Hypnotherapy


What is Disturbing your Peace?

Do you suffer from anxiety, or fear, or overwhelming stress, or substance abuse? Do you endure depression, or relationship issues, or agonize with test anxiety, weight gain or want to quit smoking?

Hypnosis actively uses the subconscious mind to rapidly reframe destructive patterns. It’s a fast and effective treatment.

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End Emotional Dependence

Do you want a healthy relationship? Do you want to get married or save your marriage? Are you suffering from a break-up or have heartsickness? Are you feeling devastated and need help to recover?


Relationship coaching works and offers a speedy recovery from issues and early trauma.

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Hypnosis for Children

There are many issues that can be helped and alleviated using hypnosis: such as, bed wetting, fear of monsters, nail biting, stuttering and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD, ADHD). Hypnosis also works on managing nightmares and relieving stress, fears, phobias, “things,” under the bed, and surviving divorce…

Putting the right tools in your child’s toolbox makes parenting easier!

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Rochelle L. Cook's Media Appearances
Caroline F.
Caroline F.Venice, CA
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“I have been struggling with anxiety for years and went to her for a few sessions (and still going 🙂 ).” in 14 reviews
Ms. Cook as seen on Oprah Winfrey’s #OWNTV Super Soul Sunday. Directed by Jonas Elrod—In Deep Shift.
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@Jaclynglenn in her 2018 show “A Skeptics Guide to Wellness” goes deep inside the world of  wellness and discovers Ms. Cook. GO SEE ROCHELLE!” @Jaclynglenn says.
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Ms. Cook discusses disgust and awfulness and why and how Aversion Therapy it works in Clinical Hypnotherapy and weight loss.
Typical Issues and Problems Clinical Hypnotherapy May Heal

Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy That Works!

Ms. Cook utilizes a variety of techniques including Story Centered Therapy, Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Clinical Hypnosis to help you reach the goals you desire. 

Try Clinical Hypnotherapy and let go of your anxiety medication. Learn to manage your anxiety attack symptoms. Anxiety disorders are usually triggered by depression. When you work through the depression you’ll generally let go of the underlying anxiety disorder. Book a free consultation, tell me your story.

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