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Are you suffering, From fear, anxiety, depression & or relationship trauma? Are you Emotionally Dependent? Let it all Go for good with Spiritual Psychology & Clinical Hypnotherapy.

A proven, results driven approach!

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Accept and honor all your past experiences, especially emotional dependency, your past is the fuel for your future.

Rochelle L. Cook

Breaking up or divorcing?

or trying to work it out?

Every relationship has new angles, discover them, you deserve it! Do you keep attracting the same kind of unhealthy relationships? Are you emotionally dependant on someone?

Do you have trouble getting over a breakup? Do you experience commitment issues? Are you ok “only” if your relationship is ok?  Do you feel like you are not good enough or everything is your fault? Do you experience fear around relationship? What mind-set or behavior is getting in your way of finding your life-long partner? What patterns keep playing out?  Book a FREE consultation, experience happiness and joy again and explore the hidden issues in your way and clear them out!

Experience expert Clinical Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles and online. 


learned, can be unlearned!

We don’t have to be what we were taught. 

The subconscious rules our lives in everything we do. Imagine a dreadful entangled spool of wool. This is chaos. It will take time to untangle the knots and courage to understand the connections between our trauma and life.

By changing our perception around what is disturbing our peace and learning the lessons, we step into a rich life filled with sunsets. Our night’s are often the darkest just before the dawn, as the cliché tells us. Our upset is the catalyst for change that precedes the first stage of transformation.

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Ms. Cook as seen on Oprah Winfrey’s #OWNTV Super Soul Sunday. Directed by Jonas Elrod—In Deep Shift.
@Jaclynglenn in her 2018 show “A Skeptics Guide to Wellness” goes deep inside the world of  wellness and discovers Ms. Cook. GO SEE ROCHELLE!” @Jaclynglenn says.
Ms. Cook discusses disgust and awfulness and why and how Aversion Therapy it works in Clinical Hypnotherapy and weight loss.
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