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You no longer need to struggle! Become an inspiring human being while on a new and healing journey.

Let your imagination run and come with me into the past in order to heal your future. Together we will unconceal root issues that are causing anxiety, work stress, chronic pain, money issues and dis-ease. Choose individual sessions or 1, 3 or 6 month coaching and mentoring programs. All based on the book “7 HEALING PATHS FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP”.

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A Wounded Mother and Daughter Begin to Heal


Teenage Mother…

Growing up, Ester Nicholson suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother. She turned to drugs and alcohol, and soon became a teenage mother with a crippling addiction. Ester began repeating the same vicious cycle of neglect with her own daughter, Shawntee, who was eventually taken away by her family.


Now 25 years sober

Ester has begun to heal her wounds. Her daughter, however, still deeply feels the pain of her mother’s abandonment. To begin rebuilding their relationship, filmmaker Jonas Elrod helps facilitate Ester and Shawntee’s first joint therapy session with counselor Rochelle L. Cook, MA, CHT.


Ester and Shawntee

“I don’t understand how you could leave a little girl alone,” Shawntee says to her mother. “What was going through your mind when you were doing those things?”

Watch as Ester and Shawntee discuss the wounds they both suffered as children and the beautiful relationship that can have once both women begin to heal. Read more: >>> 

Single Session & Relationship Coaching: 1 to 6-Month Programs

Discover Your Old Story

You are in some old story (work, relationship, bodily condition, etc.) Yet you know it is causing damage and is ultimately unsustainable. You know that a change must come and that it is on the horizon.

Change Can Hurt!

Or… You are in a difficult space between old and new stories. The old world seems to be receding, but the new one hasn’t yet arrived.

Learn to Live a New Story.

Or… You are living in a new story, and it feels tender or fragile, and you want support and a frame of reference to help design the parameters and navigate its challenges.

Sessions Based on the Book!

As you do the work you will see everything change. You are passionate about finding peace and harmony in your relationships and, you are ready to fully take action and live a balanced and connected life. (Including the relationship with yourself!)

“Sessions are based on the book and are designed to reveal a deep understanding of old patterns that no longer serve your life today!”

Once revealed they are reframed and positively restored using the 7 path process. The process reveals how your past is being played out in every aspect of your life while guiding you to move and transform the stories about them into positive experiences – your life therefore becomes the journey. The result is new found peace, harmony and love within yourself and between the others that are important to you.

Fulfilling Relationships! Want One?

The program is designed for committed individuals who love life and have the intention to nourish themselves and their relationships through more fully opening their hearts and experiencing deeper levels of Loving, Joy, Communion and Fulfillment.

The 7 Paths will teach how to:

  • Deepen the Loving
  • Listen for the heart
  • Deepen in your acceptance, cooperation and empathy
  • Acknowledge and experience heartfelt appreciation.
  • Nurture intimacy in a relationship
  • Experience a safe and sacred space
  • Enjoy and sustain aliveness, joy, and enthusiasm.

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