Rochelle Cook is a transformative therapist with a fresh and innovative approach to healing.

She utilizes effective spiritual and traditional techniques of Hypnosis, Logos and Gestalt Therapy to ignite “Rapid Healing.”

Known to her peers as a whisperer, her background and life experiences allow her to connect to a diverse population of all ages. Rochelle works with individuals and couples.

Her philosophy is that all people are worthy and lovable, they just haven’t fully embraced that yet. Rochelle’s passion is helping people get to the good and find the love inside they deserve.

Rochelle’s mission is to offer those who are seeking enlightenment & inner peace a path. Rochelle uncovers the hidden fix by presenting an opportunity to reframe the perception of the root issue, which is connected deep within the subconscious mind. She uncovers the meanings and lessons behind the spiritual curriculum the individual has been summoned to experience. Rebranding of these core issues allows healing to take place & peace to follow.



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